Exploring Sunken City

With a day off of work and a weekend of relaxing behind me, I was up for something a little more adventurous for Labor Day! Here’s how it went.

Monday, 9/7/2015

My friend Mel invited me to join her and a few of her friends to a place called “Sunken City.” I wasn’t exactly sure what it was or what we’d be doing (other than hiking), but I agreed, because who doesn’t like a little exploring? Sunken City is located in Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, CA (about an hour or so outside of Los Angeles). It  suffered a landslide in the 1930’s and the wreckage left behind is what’s left for visitors to see.

10410165_10153196812856483_1788532076906151504_nOther than the wrecked buildings, it is home to lots of graffiti and broken bottles, and is also off limits due to it being ridiculously close to the cliff side. I stare danger in the face and laugh! Not really, it was kind of scary and I almost fell (not off the cliff, but I came close to hurting myself more than once due to my clumsiness).

Before starting the day, the five of us (Mel and her friends Maria, Ryan, and Seamus) grabbed sandwiches and drinks to eat as we explored. We all hopped in the car (I was thankfully not the middle seat) and regaled hilarious stories of drunken pasts.

We arrived at the park and slathered on sunscreen (you’ve all seen my pale complexion. I am not meant for the sun). We found the entrance point to the hidden Sunken City. We had to hop a cement border, slide down a dirt path while holding onto a railing, and climb up the other side. It was kind of scary, due to my proximity to falling into the cliff below, but actually really fun! We emerged and took in the beautiful ocean!

One of my biggest fears was that because Sunken City is technically off-limits, we’d get in trouble. Don’t judge, I’m typically a rule follower! But my fears absolved as I saw at least 30 other people climbing on the structures and taking photos. If this many people were here, they couldn’t reprimand all of us, right?

We spent a good while being good adventurers and taking pictures for Instagram. We ate lunch under a nice shady tree while some fellow city-goers played nostalgic music. After walking all that there was above the water, we ventured below to the ocean. It was a bit treacherous, but we made it down safely and relaxed with a soundtrack of crashing waves.

I think we spent about 3 hours altogether exploring (I know, I’ve used that word a lot), and we all were pretty ready to go home afterwards. I immediately jumped in a cold shower when I got home, as it was about 20 degrees warmer when I got back to the valley. I then spent the rest of my Labor Day relaxing with my family.

L to R: Seamus, me, Mel, Maria, and Ryan
L to R: Seamus, me, Mel, Maria, and Ryan

I’m so glad that Mel invited me along on this epic adventure! I feel like the only times I’ve been truly outdoors over the summer were with her, so I’m pretty grateful I have her if only for that reason (of course, there are other reasons, too). On to the next adventure!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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