Whovians Love Video Games

Yet another birthday celebration, but I got to make the plans. So it was awesome and really fun.

Wednesday, 9/2/2015

I’ve known my friend Matt since the day I was born. We grew up together, me calling him “big bro” and I his “little sis.” So when he told me he’d be in town for his birthday and didn’t have any plans other than family dinner, I knew I had to take charge of the situation. Both of us are massive nerds, particularly of the Doctor Who variety, so what better place to bring him than my new Sherman Oaks fave “The One Up“?

Sporting our Doctor Who attire! If you can’t tell, his suspenders are a TARDIS. My shirt is from the famed “Vincent and the Doctor” episode 🙂

We both dressed up in our Doctor Who gear for the occasion, and after scouring Ventura Blvd. for a parking spot, we finally made it inside.

Even less crowded than the last time I visited, we headed straight to the bar for a drink. He ordered a Moscow Mule and I their “Sonoma Pear Cider.” Delicious. We spent about 45 minutes derping around on the games and getting way sweatier than two people ever should while playing vintage arcade games. It was a ton of fun.

We then went back to the bar for another drink, both of us ordering their “Sonoma Bourbon Apple Cider”–MUCH better than the pear! If you’re not a beer fan, which I am not, definitely try this cider! We talked about our best drunken stories before calling it a night. Sadly, no food was consumed this time. I’m dying to try their Cap’n Crunch Fried Chicken!

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet blog post! I’ll keep you posted on all future adventures I go on!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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