Spontaneous Disneyland

After a horrible week at work, and my family being out of town, I was actually looking forward to relaxing alone at home. I recruited my friend Danelle to spend an evening in, but then she suggested we do something a little bit different…

Friday, 8/28/2015

Earlier in the week, we set our plans of a girls’ night: cooking up something delicious and binge-watching Disney movies. What could be better? Well, Danelle suggested it: an impromptu trip to the happiest place on earth! I hadn’t been to Disneyland in Anaheim since May 2014. I was long overdue. So how could I refuse?

Belle crown was the way to go for the evening!
Belle crown was the way to go for the evening!

After making sure that my dog would be okay for a few hours, I drove to pick up Danelle for our Disney excursion! She arrived with three different choices of crown for us to don: Belle, Aurora, and Cinderella. I’m very happy with my decision (see right).

While it only took us an hour and a half to get to Anaheim from the San Fernando Valley on a Friday night at 6PM (as you Angelenos know, that’s super impressive), it took an additional half hour just to park the car and another 15 minutes until we actually entered the park. Who knew so many people would have the same idea? Great minds think alike, I guess?

Aurora and Belle having a ball!
Aurora and Belle having a ball! Loving this snapchat geotag!

We emerged from the vehicle and were hit with a wave of heat. It was 8:15PM and it was still 85 degrees outside. We were in for an interesting evening, I could tell. But nonetheless, we were super excited to see what we could accomplish on this short trip!

Our first order of business: food. We headed over to Coke Corner, one of Danelle’s favorite spots in the park, for mac & cheese covered hot dogs! It was delicious and definitely filled me up for the rest of the evening.

We arrived in the chaos of all of the nighttime parades and shows, and while they would have been great to see, our mission was to get OUT of the heat. Just speed-walking through crowds made me sweat–excuse me, glisten. Princesses don’t sweat. We made it onto 5 rides in about 3 hours–which was pretty impressive for the amount of people there were–including Thunder Mountain, my favorite, and Splash Mountain, Danelle’s favorite! The face I made on Splash was pretty priceless, I must say.


We thought of maybe trying to get in an extra ride, but in order for me to get home to my dog at a “reasonable” time, we decided to leave it for another time. We once again speed-walked across the park and headed home, but not before grabbing some delicious and refreshing lemonade. Even as we left at 11:30PM, it was STILL nearly 80 degrees. But hey, it’s Disneyland, so even if it’s hot and gross and crowded, it’s still amazing. Well, to me it is.

I’m sure there will be many other Disney trips documented on this blog. Hope you all don’t get bored of it…and if you do, I don’t really care. It’s my blog!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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