Being a Kid Again

I spent this last Sunday reliving my childhood. And it was kind of amazing, if I may say so.

Sunday, 8/23/2015

I had been feeling a bit nostalgic for my college days and wanted to see some old friends. So I posted in my sorority’s group page for a “SoCal Reunion” and got a few bites back (well, a lot of people were interested, but not everyone said when/where was good for them). So me being the one who takes charge, I made a reservation at “Public School 818” (because I loved it so much the last time) and told everyone that I’d be there.

Altogether there were 5 of us: frequent visitors to my blog Shoshana and Jessyca, and 2 of the newer members of my sorority whom I hadn’t met, Sabrina and Andrea. We had a lovely time, me reminiscing about my time in the sorority and them filling me in on their lives and gossip. I ordered their lamb burger, which came with brie cheese and their deliciously crispy fries. It was great!

Afterwards, Jessyca came back to my house for outing #2 of the day: laser tag! There is a laser tag place right up the street from my house so we suited up (no actual suits involved. Sorry, Barney Stinson…) and headed in to play.

We asked the
We asked the “Game Master” to take our photo. It came out pretty great, I must say

Game #1 was hilarious and frustrating, as we were pitted against a birthday party of 18 obnoxious 9-year-olds. I mean, it was 2pm on a Sunday, so we really couldn’t have expected anything other than that. Well, until the awesomeness that was game #2.

We get ready for the breakdown of the rules, and in walk 6 tipsy 30-somethings, all ready to take this game completely jokingly. This was my kind of crowd. We went boys vs. girls, as 2 young boys were also included in the public game. It was hilarious and amazing and how all laser tag games should be played. All in all, it was fun to act like a kid again!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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