The One Up

I had an amazingly awesome night that I really want to share with someone, so I guess that someone is my blog (and all of my “readers”). It involved video games, getting tipsy on a work day, and meeting one of my favorite super villains. Intrigued? I’m sure you are.

Thursday, 8/6/2015

One of my really good friends, Jessyca–whom we all lovingly call “Why-ca,” due to the inordinate amount of Jess/Jessica’s in our sorority–turned 21 the weekend before and spent the night bar crawling in SLO. Since I couldn’t make it, I decided I’d find her an awesome bar and we’d celebrate just the two of us. On my internet/yelp search, I stumbled across “The One Up,” a classic video game arcade bar. After looking over the menu, and seeing that it was 10 minutes away from my house, I decided we should go there.

Upon arrival, I realized I had stumbled across a gem. The atmosphere was so cool, with awesome 80′s music to match it’s vintage theme. The movie “Spaceballs” was playing on a nearby television. I knew I’d found a fun place.

We sat down and looked over the menus. Each of us ordered one of their signature cocktails, along with garlic parmesan fries to share. I ordered their ahi tuna tartare, which was very good. Jessyca thoroughly enjoyed some tacos.

As we waited for our food, the table next to ours had theirs delivered. It looked great, and the couple seemed excited to dig in. When he said, “thank you,” my heart nearly skipped a beat. I’d heard this voice many, many times before. I took one more glance over and my ears didn’t deceive me. It was none other than Michael Rosenbaum, aka Lex Luthor from Smallville! I turned back to Jessyca, trying to hide my giddiness. She had no idea who he was, which was totally fine. She urged me to say hello, and I said I would later on.

tumblr_inline_nsxyx4Bfin1qzafdr_500Our food and drinks were brought to us in a timely manner and we toasted to her legality.

As we scarfed down our food and caught up with one another, we saw the check arrive for Michael and his friend. Jessyca turns to me and says, “It’s now or never.” I looked over and said, “Hi, I just wanted to let you know I’m a big fan. I loved you on Smallville and I’ve been loving your new show, Impastor.” Michael was so extremely nice and loved that I went out of my way to introduce myself. Jessyca “whispered” to him, “She wants a picture!” and he put his arm around me for this wonderful gem below.

Michael Rosenbaum and me!
Michael Rosenbaum and me!

Although I live in LA, celebrity spottings are quite a rarity. Other than this, I can only think of 2 instances since I returned from Israel: in March, I saw Nia Vardolos, aka Toula from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” at my local Starbucks, and the day after this happened (yes, the very next day), I saw Shia LaBeouf in a grocery store. But I grew up watching Smallville and remember clearly getting attached to the characters and their stories. Seeing Michael was just so awesome for nerdy little me, and his response made my week.

After getting our second round of drinks and paying for the meal, we headed over to the game area. There were about 10 machines, each rigged up with dozens of retro games, like Pacman, Galaga, Centipede, and Frogger. In our buzzed state, the games were made even more enjoyable, and the commentary made more explicit. We saved the best for last: Mortal Kombat 4. We headed over to the machine unaware of how to play the game and which buttons did what. We smashed buttons left and right, cursing and laughing as onlookers gazed at our hilarity. By the end, we were actually sweating, and thus decided it was time for the night to end.

Overall, a really fun experience, and I will definitely be going back to The One Up again! If you’re nearby, definitely check it out!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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