Public School 818

I celebrated my best friend’s birthday and it was awesome, but also sad because she is leaving me. Don’t know what I mean? Read on…

Wednesday, 7/29/2015

Monday was Hallie’s birthday, but Wednesday was our one-on-one celebration! We headed to a really fun bar near me called “Public School 818” and indulged in their happy hour menu! To say we ordered way too much food for 2 people is an understatement. We ordered too much food for like 4 people. Honestly. I think the food all being under $7 really appealed to us.

We ordered their parmesan truffle fries with a lemon aioli (perfect), chorizo mac and cheese (great, but would’ve been better without the chorizo, in my opinion), ahi tuna tacos (all for me, as Hallie doesn’t eat seafood), and PB&J sliders (mini hamburgers with peanut butter, habanero blackberry jam, and crispy bacon – AMAZING!). My tacos ended up taking a bit of time, so our waitress actually brought us some crispy buffalo cauliflower (like buffalo wings, but with cauliflower) on the house! To top it all off, we ordered a carafe of wine for just $10. I. Was. Stuffed. (Please excuse the lack of photos)

We then popped across the street to the movie theater to watch “Paper Towns,” which both of us had read. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, GO. It is so good! I especially loved, spoiler alert, Ansel Elgort’s little cameo! Hallie and I searched for John Green’s cameo, but we found out later that it was just a voice heard by the audience and that you don’t actually see him. We finished the evening off at our favorite froyo place, Humphrey’s.

If you look closely, you can see our necklaces!
If you look closely, you can see our necklaces!

Since Hallie leaves in a few weeks for law school in Virginia, as a birthday present, I decided to give her something that I felt symbolized our friendship: mac and cheese friendship necklaces. She took the cheese, I have a little macaroni noodle. I’m going to miss her…

A fun evening and a great way to say bye to her (even though we saw each other 2 more times after this).

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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