May 2015

Some more little trips and highlights of my time since returning from Israel. Here we go…

Thursday-Saturday, 5/14-16/2015: West Coast Road Trip
Aren’t we adorable?
Aren’t we adorable?

I flew up to Seattle to meet my brother! It was time for him to come home from school, which meant he’d need his car down here for the summer. We “twinned” for the occasion!

We took the 5 freeway pretty much all the way down. For those of you familiar with the 5, it is pretty ugly in California, but it’s absolutely gorgeous in Washington and Oregon! We drove about 6 hours the first day and ended up in Ashland, Oregon for the night. We found a nice local restaurant for dinner and settled in for the night.

The next day, we set out for San Jose, CA so we could stay with Daniel! Yes, Daniel from my Israel trip! I was so excited! About 5 and ½ hours later, we arrived at the house he was staying at and gave each other giant hugs!

Reunited and it feels so good!
Reunited and it feels so good!

We got dinner and then saw Pitch Perfect 2! It was glorious.

The next day we set out for home. We stopped at Harris Ranch for lunch, a road trip staple for our family, and made great time. It was good to be back though.

Monday, 5/18/2015: My 23rd Birthday!

Yes, my birthday! While the song states “no one likes you when you’re 23,” I really felt the love this year. The day before, 5 of my best friends took me out to dinner at this fun burger restaurant called “Stout Burgers and Beer.” They’re awesome (my friends, I mean, although the burgers were pretty great too). I ordered the Six Weeker burger, topped with a deliciously sweet fig jam and brie. We ordered some fries and onion rings to share for the table while we chatted about life. I’m so glad to have such great friends 🙂

L to R: Sam, Chelsea, me, Danelle, Melissa, and Mel
L to R: Sam, Chelsea, me, Danelle, Melissa, and Mel
Obviously got a fruity cocktail at Crustacean!
Obviously got a fruity cocktail at Crustacean!

On the day of, my grandparents took me to lunch at “Palamino” in Westwood. I gorged on their Pollo e Spinaci pizza, and we had a lovely time together. For dinner, my parents took me to one of my all-time favorite restaurants: “Crustacean – House of An” in Beverly Hills. The BEST seafood ever. I ordered their ahi tuna tacos to start, and for my main course, their whole Maine lobster served over their famous garlic noodles. I’m seriously still dreaming about that meal…

I just felt very loved on this birthday. I have the best family and friends around. I’m so lucky.

Saturday-Sunday, 5/30-31/2015: San Luis Obispo

What? I’m back in SLO? Well obviously. I’ll probably end up moving there someday. Maybe when I have a family. I just love it so much! High Street Deli was once again consumed. This visit was for my sorority’s formal. One of my friends, Danielle, asked me to be her date. How could I say no? Here are a few snapshots!

While there was one large hiccup, I had a great time and was very glad I went!

That was just May! 2 more months until I catch up…

-Girl up the West Coast, SLO, and Los Angeles 🙂

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