Days 172-175: Goodbye, Israel

Well, my time in Europe came to an end, and so must my time in Israel, and this blog. This will be my last travel post, followed by a final thoughts post. Here we go…

Day 172: Thursday, 2/26/2015

I took a cab to the airport, with thankfully no problems in paying, as well as no problems getting through security. I tried to adjust myself back to speaking in Hebrew, which was not as hard as I expected. I arrived in Israel at around 3pm and got to Amy’s apartment by 4:15. So happy it didn’t take long!

I was greeted with a huge hug from Amy and hopped quickly into the shower. I then put on pajamas and relaxed. Amy and I caught up on what we’d both been up to and then got hungry and decided to order a pizza. I hadn’t picked up any shekels, so I tried to order with a credit card. For some absurd reason, you can’t order Domino’s pizza with a credit card if you don’t have an Israeli ID number. When the guy came to deliver our pizza, I basically had to yell at him in Hebrew to call his manager, which he refused to do. He ended up taking our order and, hopefully, having to pay for our order for how rude he was to us. Unbelievable. Okay, it’s Israel, so it is believable. We found a cheaper pizza place that delivered our food with no problem and chowed down. After that nightmare, we both headed to sleep.

Day 173: Friday, 2/27/2015

Today we were having a Quadies reunion! That’s the group name for Amy, Natalie, Erin, and I. We were going to our staple, “Nola,” for a delicious brunch. However, we forgot that this was the day of the Tel Aviv marathon, and it took Amy and I an hour on the bus to get into the city. So crazy! Finally, we all arrived and gave each other big hugs! It was so nice to have a small sense of normalcy after the craziness of traveling.

After brunch, Amy and I got some groceries to make ourselves a nice Shabbat dinner. We went back and were able to watch some TV while eating. Amy ended up going to the movie with a friend, but I was too tired so I passed out and went to sleep.

Day 174: Saturday, 2/28/2015

My last day away from home. I can hardly believe it! Not much to do on Shabbat in Israel, so Amy and I binge-watched TV online, a great use of our time. I packed my bags and distributed weight properly between my bags. The taxi came to get me early and was making a fuss about there not being parking. So annoying. Thankfully, that would be one of my last interactions with annoying Israeli cab drivers for a very long time.

I got to the airport, found an outlet to keep my phone charged, and waited to board the plane. The plane left at 1am, and by some amazing miracle, there was no one sitting in the middle seat, so I was able to spread out and relax the entire flight!

Day 175: Sunday, 3/1/2015

I landed at 6am PST, March 1st. I ran straight into the arms of my wonderful parents who came so early to pick me up at the airport. I was greeted by my wonderful dog wagging his tail after 6 months of not seeing me. I was finally home, 175 days later.

I really hope you have all enjoyed reading about my adventures in Israel and Europe throughout these last 6 months! Although keeping up with this blog has been a chore at times, I’m so glad that I kept record of my time. My next and final post will just be a wrap-up and final thoughts of the trip. Stay tuned!

-Girl in Israel, now in Los Angeles 🙂

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