Day 171: Hungry for Hungary, Part 2

So I’m going to warn you now that my second day was not as exciting as my first day, because I spent the first half of the day not feeling well. But I tried to salvage as much as I could and enjoy my last full day in Europe. To read about day 1, CLICK HERE. And here we go!

Day 170: Wednesday, 2/25/2015

Of course I would wake up feeling ill on my last full day in Europe. After I finish writing about all of my travels, I will give you full thoughts on my trip as a whole, and how I really need to slow down, because I got very worn out. I slept in and was able to get up and do things by the mid-afternoon, fortunately.


When I was in Israel, I met a girl on a different Destination Israel program named Deborah who was from Hungary, and coincidentally, she was home for the week and we were able to meet up! I told her I wanted to try some more Hungarian food, as I had been very happy with what I tried so far. We went back to the food truck area and we had langos, deep fried dough covered in sour cream and cheese. Definitely not the healthiest thing I’ve ever eaten, but so delicious!

We then headed to a coffee shop and shared some palacsinta (pronounced “pala-cheen-ta”), thin pancakes filled with turo, the sweet cream cheese, also extremely tasty.


We talked about what we thought about Destination Israel, as well as people from the programs. It was very fun to catch up, and also cool to know that I truly do have friends all over the world now!

When I got back to the hostel, I was obviously too full for dinner, so Marie and I headed to Szimpla, a rune bar, an underground bar that used to be used as shelters during World War II. That’s enough of a back story to get me in, and the vibe was what kept us there.

It was very upbeat and a casual place to hang out. Marie and I talked about our lives while sipping on some cider. Well, maybe a couple. They’re so cheap!

We headed back to our hostel and said our goodbyes, as I had to leave somewhat early in the morning for the airport.

And that’s my time in Budapest! Definitely would’ve liked some more time there, but I have a feeling I’ll be back to that part of the world at some point in time!

-Girl in Hungary 🙂

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