Day 169: Very Viennese, Part 3

Here is the final installment of my time in Vienna! Part 1 and Part 2 can be viewed by clicking HERE and HERE, respectively. Alright, let’s get started!

Day 169: Monday, 2/23/2015

To be honest with you, today was a very mellow day. I found a self-guided walking tour online and decided to roam around the city on my own finding different landmarks and buildings. The sky was pretty clear, so I bundled up and headed out on my journey into the streets of Vienna. Here are a few sights I saw along the way. Don’t hate me, but I don’t remember what any of these were, but they were all very pretty.

Okay, that’s enough selfies for one post.

At some point along the way, I ended up back at the schnitzel restaurant that had been recommended to me on the first night, but was too full to seat me. I went inside and there was plenty of room. I sat down and ordered a schnitzel, which was much better than the first one I’d had! The only thing that was terrible was that I’d stupidly forgotten to ask to sit in the non-smoking section. An old man lit up not one but two cigarettes in the 10 minutes we overlapped. Disgusting. I tried to finish up as quickly as I could so as not to absorb the smell.

I headed back to my hostel and relaxed before I needed to go to the train station. I learned my lesson from last time and arrived over an hour early, more than enough time. I got myself a sandwich and stood on the platform to be sure I got a good seat, as the tickets didn’t assign seats. I had my own row and was able to relax on my way to Budapest, with no transportation problems whatsoever.

When I arrived in Budapest, I headed to an ATM, as my hostel only took cash, and then went straight to the bus I needed to take. The driver didn’t speak any English, and I obviously don’t speak Hungarian, so it was a little difficult to try and ask if I was going the right way. Fortunately, I was, and I arrived at my hostel without any problems. Yay!

I made plans with one of my roommates to take the free walking tour the next day, and then I headed straight to sleep.

So there you go, the end of my time in Vienna and the beginning of Budapest! My first full day in Budapest is coming right up!

-Girl in Austria 🙂

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