Day 168: Very Viennese, Part 2

So if you really want to read about my first day in Vienna, you can, but you can also just as easily skip it. It is only the story of me getting to Vienna and me eating dinner. My dad says that my blog has basically just become a food blog, but I mean when there’s nothing else to report on, what do you do? Okay, rant over. I’ll link to part 1 HERE, but again, you don’t NEED to read it. But this day you should continue racing about! This day was super magical and fun, despite the poor weather! Okay, here we go!

Day 168: Sunday, 2/22/2015

I had talked with Danelle, and a really good friend of hers, Mirjam (pronounced like Miriam) actually lived in Vienna, so my plan for this day was to meet up with her to be shown around the city. It was a bit drizzly, but that definitely did not take away from our fun day!

First, we headed to Schonbrunn Palace, which used to be home to the royal family. It was beautiful! We opted not to go for the audio guides, as Mirjam knew the stories very well. It was so nice to see the castle and be able to walk leisurely through. Sadly, we couldn’t take photos inside, but here are a few photos of the exterior.

tumblr_inline_nlfbkf3qQ21qzafdr_500After wandering around the grounds, we headed into the city center. We went inside the gorgeous St. Stephen’s Cathedral (left).

We popped into a little cafe to try an Austrian treat that Danelle told me I needed to try. It was called Eiskaffee, and it is coffee mixed with ice cream. Unfortunately, the cafe didn’t have it, but we instead ordered some Austrian chocolate cake, a happy compromise.

The hood was my rain protection
The hood was my rain protection

We walked around a bit more as the sun went down. The buildings were all lit up and looked beautiful!

We then decided it was time for dinner, and a second try at finding the eiskaffee. We went into a cafe nearby and before sitting down, Mirjam asked if they were available. The waiter assured us that he had them, so we sat down and began looking at the menu. After 5 minutes, the waiter came over and apologized, saying that he had just started working there a few days ago and didn’t know they didn’t serve eiskaffee! We left and headed across the road for a third try, which turned out to be a success!


It was so delicious, I had to slow myself down from drinking the whole thing in 30 seconds. We ordered some food as well, and then tried to make a game plan for the rest of the evening. Mirjam said that an English theater was playing “Into the Woods,” which I’d been dying to see since it came out in December, but unfortunately, it wasn’t released in Israel. She hadn’t seen it either, so the plan was made! After finishing our meal, we headed over to the theater and watched the movie, which was hilarious and wonderful. I was very happy.

Mirjam directed me back to my hostel and we said our goodbyes. I’m so glad to have made yet another great friend along my journey! All in all, a very successful day 2 in Austria! Much more successful than day 1. Part 3 coming up soon!

-Girl in Austria 🙂

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