Day 165: Czech This Out, Part 2

I feel like I really don’t have to mention this, but try to read part 1 of my time in Prague first! CLICK HERE to read it! And as I mentioned in that post, all of my photos from my trip have been posted, so CLICK HERE to look at them! Okay, are you ready to hear about day 2? Here you go!

Day 165: Thursday, 2/19/2015

So I began my day a bit earlier than I was expecting/hoping. If I’ve learned one thing on this trip, it would be that South Korean travelers enjoy waking up early and soaking up as much of the day as possible. I’m all about experiencing a new city, but I’m also about being respectful of others still asleep early in the morning. But don’t get me wrong, they were all extremely friendly and sweet!

When my friend Danelle traveled around Europe over the summer,s he told me that the coolest thing she did was go to the town of Kutna Hora to see the Bone Chapel. So how could I NOT do it? I booked my ticket a while back, so I was eagerly awaiting the tour! I headed to the meeting spot back at the Old Town Square.

Upon arrival, I met the guide, Martin, and I also struck up a conversation with a girl named Sarah, who just happened to be from Northern California! She was at the end of a week spent in Prague, and had really gotten to know the city well.

Kutna Hora was about an hour away on the train. Sarah and I sat with a nice British couple who was on the tour with us. We talked pretty much the whole way there about travel experiences and difference in cultures. Really enjoyable. When we got to the town, we immediately headed over to the Bone Chapel.

The story behind the chapel is that there was a large cemetery surrounding a church, but when the city wanted to expand in the mid-1700’s (I believe), they had to dig up old graves to pave roads. Imagine trying to do this now! Most of the bodies were victims of the black death, or fallen soldiers. The skeletons sat piled up for years before a man decided to decorate the church with their bones. The result was incredible, yet also very creepy. Here are a few pics:

The chapel was a lot smaller than I expected, but it was really, really awesome to see the intimate detail and care that went into handling the bones.

Afterwards, we all hopped into taxis to take us to the other side of town. There we checked out a beautiful cathedral and some gorgeous views of the city.

We were lucky to get some sun, but it was still really cold!

tumblr_inline_nkg794QVbf1qzafdrWe walked around the town for a while before stopping for a late lunch in a traditional Czech restaurant. We were all so happy to be going inside to warm up. I was excited to try a dish that Honza had recommend to me the day before called Srikoza (I think that’s how you spell it. but again, no clue on pronunciation). It was a meat dish with potato dumplings, and it turned out to be swimming in a sweet sauce. And let’s not forget the cranberries and whipped cream to top it all off. While tasty, the dish was so heavy! I only ate about half. We then walked around for another 45 minutes before heading back on the train to Prague.

A selfie for the road. The hat was a nice provider of warmth on this cold day
A selfie for the road. The hat was a nice provider of warmth on this cold day

We sat with the same couple on the train back, sharing a lovely conversation once more. When we arrived back in Prague, Martin showed us back to the Old Town Square. He was a pretty good guide, not my favorite that I’d had, but he was definitely passionate about the tour. He definitely did the best he could keeping us entertained with the really cold weather.

Sarah and I decided to grab some dinner when we got back, and we actually ended up getting Mexican food! Maybe a risky move in the Czech Republic, but it was actually really tasty! And who could beat the delicious $4 margaritas? I was a happy camper. Sarah and I shared stories about college and traveling, and had a really great time. We parted ways and I headed back to the hostel for sleep. A really great day!

Stay tuned for part 3 of my time in Prague/Czech Republic! Once again, hoping to catch up on these posts soon, but my guess is that I will finish the majority of them when I’m back home. So don’t worry! You WILL hear about my trip, but it may take a bit more time… It’ll be worth it though! I promise!

-Girl in the Czech Republic 🙂

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