Day 163: Loving London, Part 2

I had another relaxing day in London, and it was absolutely beautiful! The sun was shining, it wasn’t too cold, and it was a great way to end my time in the UK. CLICK HERE to read part 1 of my time in London if you haven’t already! Okay, here we go. Be prepared, the pictures in this post are mostly selfies.

Day 163: Tuesday, 2/17/2015

After the wonderful day I’d had the day before, I was eager for what my last day in London had in store for me! I got a late start again, because this time, no errands, nothing I had to do, except for go to the show at 7:30pm. So I headed for Brick Lane, a neighborhood that was originally Jewish but has now become very influenced by Indian culture. I left at around 11am, and quickly noticed that it was too early for Indian restaurants to be open. But then I remembered that there was a cereal restaurant that had just opened. I’d been searching for it earlier, and had the address pulled up already. Perfect! I set out to find it!

Behind me are some vintage and limited edition cereals. Not sure if they ever open these, or if they’re just for display. They’re probably pretty old, but very cool!
Behind me are some vintage and limited edition cereals. Not sure if they ever open these, or if they’re just for display. They’re probably pretty old, but very cool!

It was very hidden away, and I actually passed by it the first time around. I finally found my way inside and was bombarded by the amount of cereals in this place. It was insane!

I stood in line, looking at the many cereals behind the counter, and also looking at what they called “cereal cocktails” on the menu. They were concoctions of different cereals, toppings, and flavored milks.

I decided to go with “The Lion King,” a mixture of Lion cereal, Coco Caramel Shreddies cereal, Mars Bar pieces, and caramel milk. It was a sugary mess, and absolutely delicious!

I gobbled up my cereal and set out for the day. I didn’t really have a plan of attack, so I headed to the nearest tube stop and picked up a map. I was going to head to Notting Hill, but then I remembered that I’ve never seen the movie and that wouldn’t be too exciting for me. So I popped on over to Oxford Circus. I thought maybe I’d get a bit of shopping in, but then I realized that probably nothing would fit in my suitcase. So I headed in the direction of Hyde Park, because it was a beautiful day and why not? Here are some selfies marking my journey.

After a while, I started to get hungry, so I hopped back on the tube and found myself at Covent Garden, which I’d surprisingly never been to before! I wandered around for a bit before stopping for a bite to eat. I found the popular burger chain “Shake Shack” and set out to try it. It was good, but it took a while for the food to be ready. I miss In’n’out… But I gobbled it up and headed to the nearest tube station. Unfortunately, the one I’d exited through, and was right around the corner, was an “exit-only” stop, so I opened up my best friend Google Maps and directed myself towards the nearest one, which was surprisingly far away. I walked for about 20 minutes before I found Temple, and luckily it was the District Line, which got me directly back! I hopped aboard and went back to the hostel.

When I got there, a new girl had just begun to settle into our room. Her name was Katie, and she was from Scotland, one of my favorite places ever! We chatted as I tried to catch up on this blog, and she was such a nice girl! She had a week off from work and just decided to visit friends in London and Cardiff. I still had about 2 hours before my show started, and Katie didn’t have plans for the evening, so we took the tube down to Piccadilly Circus and found ourselves in Chinatown yet again. We found a different restaurant and we enjoyed a lovely conversation over dinner. I had sweet and sour chicken with rice, a delicious classic. Hey, I gotta get in my fix! It’s been 6 months! After we finished, Katie and I hugged goodbye and I headed off to see “The Book of Mormon!”


For buying my ticket the night before, I really had a great seat! It was on an aisle, and I had full visibility of the stage! I ended up sitting next to a nice couple from Monterey, CA. Of course I meet Californians. I think the universe is trying to tell me something. The lights went down and the show started…

…and it was AMAZING! So witty, funny, and overall entertaining! I’ve had the music stuck in my head for days now. I absolutely loved it! What a perfect way to end my time in London! Ugh, I can’t even begin to tell you about it. You just need to see it yourself! I laughed so hard I cried. I headed back to the tube with a huge smile on my face, humming the tunes as I rode back to my hostel. I made sure to pack up my things and pretty much get ready to leave before going to sleep, because I had a really early morning the next day.

And that was London! I’m so happy I had the chance to return to one of my favorite cities, and one I got to know really well! I met some great people and had some fun experiences. Stay tuned for Prague!

-Girl in the UK 🙂

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