Days 150 & 151: Moving Out

By the time I post this, I will no longer have a place to live in Israel. I am writing this at Ben Gurion airport waiting for my flight. I spent last night at Amy’s apartment, which was nice, but still, not my own place. I mean, I’m glad to be out of my hellish apartment (as I was leaving, I saw mold growing again….yes, for a third time), but it’s weird that for the next month, I will be country hopping, from friends’ homes to hostels. For those that don’t know, I officially return back to Los Angeles on March 1st. Insane how quickly time went by. Here’s how moving out went.

Day 150: Wednesday, 2/4/2015

I finished packing completely today. Afterwards, I relaxed for a bit before grabbing a late lunch with Natalie at “Nola.” Ah, my last Nola experience (until I visit the REAL NOLA eventually). It was utterly delicious and what both of us were craving. We sat for a while, just talking about life and the future. It got pretty intense, but enjoyable nonetheless. Afterwards, we walked all the way to Dizengoff Center, realized we didn’t need anything from there, and I walked all the way back. It was a good full hour of my time.

But it was nice to get some fresh air and exercise. I will probably be getting plenty in Europe, as I trust my feet more than I trust public transportation. I’ve been checking the weather and it’s going to be pretty chilly in Geneva when I first get there, but then it warms up to the mid 40’s (Fahrenheit, obviously) everywhere else. Oh goody. And just when I’d gotten used to the nice high 60’s-low 70’s weather here in Tel Aviv. It’ll be nice to get back to Los Angeles where cold weather barely exists, I must admit.

Later, I met with Myriam for coffee near her house. I checked the bus and it wasn’t going to arrive for another half hour, and since the walk was only 20 minutes, I chose to walk. Yay more Europe practice! We had a lovely time catching up with her. We both agreed that we were lucky we’d gotten close to one another. After a few hours, I headed back home for my last night in my apartment.

Day 151: Thursday, 2/5/2015

I woke up at 8:30 and got together the last of my things before we would be checked out at 10. A guy from the management company came by and asked what was wrong with the apartment. Where to begin? My favorite interaction was when I told him the windows weren’t sealed and water leaked through. “But they’re high quality windows!” he pleaded. I explained that if they weren’t sealed, it didn’t matter how high quality the windows were. He then proceeded to stick his head through the window and say, “It looks good from outside” and left. Um, what? Israelis, man. They’re insane. A few minutes later, our coordinator Sonya arrived to check us out. I said goodbye to my roommates and we went on our ways.

My cab ride on the way to Amy’s apartment was good. My cab driver, Micha, was a nice guy and he and I spoke a lot about our love of traveling. When we arrived, he actually helped me with my bags all the way up the 3 flights of stairs, and then asked me for my phone number. He called me later to wish me safe travels. Oh, Israelis… Later in the day, I helped Amy move out of her apartment, and we went back to her place to watch The Bachelor and order a pizza. Funny story about when the pizza arrived. The delivery man did not knock on the door… He walked all the way up into Amy’s apartment and said in Hebrew, “It’s here?” and we were both like, “Yeah…” and gave him the money and he left. It was weird and totally ridiculous.

tumblr_inline_njd1oh1mLh1qzafdrLater that night, Daniel and I went to a vegan restaurant called “Anastasia.” Actually very delicious! Daniel and I spoke for hours about the trip, life, our goals before and after the program, and so on. It was such an amazing way for me to spend my last night in Tel Aviv. We then got froyo from “Tamara,” of course.

We then took a really strange route home on the bus. It was a night bus, and they’re notorious for being strange. The bus driver had dance music blasting and Daniel and I laughed the entire way back. I’m sure everyone thought we were drunk. Nope, just enjoying life! We gave each other many long hugs goodbye, and we headed to our respective homes for the night. I fell right asleep.

By the time you read this, I will be in Geneva with Deborah! I can’t wait to share with you all of my wonderful European adventures!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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