Days 140-143: Coming to a Close

So my time in Israel is sadly coming to close. It has definitely been a bit of a roller coaster, but as you should know, I love roller coasters. I’ll reflect a bit more later on. But here is my last week of work, and my last full week in Israel.

Day 140: Sunday, 1/25/2015

The group got back pretty late the night before, and Yael and I stayed up for a bit talking about our respective weekends. It sounds like it was a lot of fun! Again, sad I missed it, but I also had a pretty fun time too.

Today was the beginning of my last week of work. It seems like just yesterday I was starting out here! Mainly I’ve been working on the new website launch, so when that’s all ready I’ll post the link!

I came home and had to do some grocery shopping, as I really hadn’t needed to when my parents were visiting. I cooked myself a little pasta and finished watching Breaking Bad. It was a very relaxing day. I knew I wouldn’t be having very many of those coming up, so I savored the moment.

Day 141: Monday, 1/26/2015

Today was pretty fun! After work, Natalie and I met up for dinner and drinks. We then headed to a different bar to meet Daniel and proceeded to get another drink. We accidentally got tipsy. Oops. We met up with the rest of the group at a burger place, but neither Natalie nor I was hungry because of our food adventures prior. However, it was Karen’s last night in Israel… It was nice to see the group, as I’d been pretty disconnected with my parents being in town, but it was sad to say goodbye to Karen. She lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and has 24 hours of traveling ahead of her before she gets home. That makes my direct flight to LA seem like nothing.

After some catching up with everyone and saying goodbye to Karen, I headed back home and to bed.

Day 142: Tuesday, 1/27/2015

Work was usual, although I’m getting a little bit less motivated. I think it’s pretty understandable, since there’s only 3 more days, including this one! So crazy.

After work, I was supposed to have plans, but due to some Israelis being difficult scheduling things with a friend of mine, she had to cancel. I caught up on some TV shows after making myself some dinner and went to bed.

Day 143: Wednesday, 1/28/2015

Neither my boss nor I was particularly motivated today, so we spent the majority of the day talking to each other. It was nice for my second-to-last day here.

We’ve now officially launched our new social media sites, even though our website is still slightly under construction. Our new name? VAYOMAR. It is from the bible and means, “and he said.” I think it’s a little more appropriate for the name of a communications company than “Debate” is. Here are the new sites:


I guess it doesn’t really matter too much, since I’m leaving the company, but I did put a lot of hard work into the new website!

tumblr_inline_nixk5kBsPn1qzafdrAfter work, I met with Myriam for drinks (and for me, a snack) at one of my favorite TLV bars, “223 Dizengoff.” It’s a prohibition-themed bar, with really crazy drinks. We had such a nice time catching up for a few hours, since I hadn’t seen her in a while. She is such a sweet person!

So I’m going to save my actual last day for the next post. I can’t believe my internship is over… Wow.

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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