Days 131-135: They’re Here! Part 1

They’re finally here! I think that’s a good enough introduction, don’t you?

Day 131, Friday 1/16/2015

tumblr_inline_nidf4tYBP31qzafdrWhen I woke up, I had to wait an agonizingly long time before I could see them. Well, only a few hours, as I woke up pretty late. But it was agonizing, believe me. I finally got the text that they had arrived at their hotel, and I headed right over. I knocked on the door and was greeted by my 2 favorite people in the world: mommy and daddy! I gave them huge hugs as tears streamed down my face from happiness. It had been such a long time since seeing them. Yes, we talk almost every day, but there’s a difference between phones calls/FaceTimes and actually being able to see someone.

After they finished unpacking and a sufficient amount of hugs were exchanged, we decided to head out on the town. We walked over to Gordon Beach as the sun was setting and got some drinks at “Mike’s Place” (a different location than the one I went to the night before, ironically). On our way to dinner, we walked along Ben Yehuda Street and I showed them a lot of cool art galleries (all of which were closed because of Shabbat). I’m sure they’ll check them out without me.

We ate dinner at this restaurant right by my apartment/their hotel called “Room Service.” I’ve eaten there once before, and knew my parents would enjoy it. They had to call it an early night, because of jetlag, so I headed back to my apartment after more big hugs!

Day 132: Saturday, 1/17/2015

Today was a very full day for us! It was supposed to rain, but by some miracle, it was gorgeous and actually warm! We decided to head to the Namal, the Tel Aviv port, for a walk and a late lunch. We walked along the beach and we all took turns spotting cute dogs along the way.

All-time cutest couple, don’t you think?
All-time cutest couple, don’t you think?

We ate lunch at a restaurant called “Kitchen Market,” a place my mom found. We were given free champagne as we waited for our table to be ready! Obviously a great start to the meal.

We had a fantastic meal! Definitely one of the best I’ve ever had in Israel. After eating, we walked around the Namal a little bit more, exploring areas that we remembered from our trip 6 and ½ years ago. It was fun. We also saw an unfamiliar place…

Fckn Chkn? Really? Classy, TLV
Fckn Chkn? Really? Classy, TLV

We went back to their hotel to relax for a bit and watch the sunset. Check out this beauty!


We then headed to dinner at “Vicky Cristina,” a restaurant in the old train station in Tel Aviv, which is near Yafo. It’s a Spanish tapas place, and we had a very fun time and great food! We had a few missteps at the beginning, when they sat us right next to the very loud speaker. But once we moved to a different table, we could actually hear each other talk and enjoy the evening.

We headed back to their hotel and were able to FaceTime Zach! Yay for another awkward family photo. Only 2 more months until we can take a real one!


I headed back to my apartment after an exhausting and really enjoyable day. But of course, what did I come to find? More mold! Ugh! Hopefully it will be taken care of quickly. Thankfully, however, just 2 and ½ more weeks in this apartment. Don’t think I could take it any longer than that…

Day 133: Sunday, 1/18/2015

I went to work early and left later today so that I could get more done and be able to take off a few days later this week!

In case you don’t recognize these people at this point, clockwise from bottom left: Erin, Amy, Daniel, Natalie, Dad, Mom, me, and Deborah

After work, we went to dinner at “Gusto,” a really great Italian restaurant I’d been to once before with Deborah. And this dinner was especially great, because my friends joined us! Daniel, Deborah, Natalie, Amy, and Erin all joined us for dinner and we had an amazing time! I was really excited for the separate parties to meet, and we had a great evening of food and conversation. I was so happy.

My mom had fun recognizing everyone from different pictures I’ve posted on Facebook and this blog. We sat for a few hours before calling it a night.

Day 134: Monday, 1/19/2015

Another long day at work, and I return home to find the mold has been cleaned! Great! I headed over to my parents’ hotel before going to have dinner at “Messa,” one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. It was AMAZING! Definitely one of the best meals I’ve ever had, and not just in Israel! My parents will be posting many pictures later, so I’ll be sure to steal them and post them to my Facebook album.

Day 135: Tuesday, 1/20/2015
L to R: Ran (the CEO), Stuart, Adi (my boss), and me
L to R: Ran (the CEO), Stuart, Adi (my boss), and me

Mom and dad spent the day in Jerusalem, so I didn’t get to see them today. Today was Stuart’s, the other intern, last day at the office, so there was small going-away party for him.

After work, I headed to “Nola” to grab dinner with Natalie and Erin. We always have a delicious time at Nola, and they just introduced a new menu so everything was 20% off! We had a nice time catching up, and I got a good night’s sleep before the beginning of my weekend!

Okay, this is just part 1! Part 2 is on its way! Sorry for the delay, things have been a bit crazy with wrapping up the program and all. Stay tuned!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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