Days 126-130: Holding My Breath

So as many of you who read this blog know, something really exciting is about to happen. I’m practically holding my breath (hey look, nod to the title) waiting for my awesome thing to happen: my parents visiting!!! So that will be the next post. Sorry for the lack of pictures recently. There haven’t been any truly amazing things to document, so I just haven’t documented them. Oops. Let’s begin, shall we?

Day 126: Sunday, 1/11/2015

I arrive at work only to find out that my boss and the other intern are not in the office today. I did most of my work and headed home a bit early to finish up from home. There’s just something way more satisfying about doing work in bed for me.

I then went to dinner with Natalie and Myriam at a place called “La Lasagna.” I ordered a lasagna (because what else would I get there?) where the noodles were made from spinach, and it was great! We talked about how all three of us felt something lacking from the program. While we have learned about minorities in Israel, we have not had any programming that has helped us to understand the typical, Jewish Israeli lifestyle, and that is really a shame. We’re in Israel, attempting to live as Israelis do. Why haven’t we learned what that’s like? We are now going to try and organize something to help give us this experience. Hopefully it’ll happen!

After being stuffed from dinner, I headed home to watch “Breaking Bad,” my newest obsession. I found out how to get Netflix here, so I’ve been fully taking advantage of this fact. I’m almost finished with the 4th season. I have no shame.

Day 127: Monday, 1/12/2015

We had someone coming to the apartment to try and fix some things (the washing machine and our heater), so I stayed home to be here and tell him what’s wrong, as the guys speaks no English and Lilah (the only person in our household who can truly speak Hebrew) was called into work early. So I finished my work early and waited for him to come over.

He was luckily able to fix the heater in my room! Well, sort of. There is at least some sort of hot air coming out, but it doesn’t work too well. The washing machine did not work at all though. He didn’t understand what was wrong with it, and I had so much difficulty explaining in my broken Hebrew. Ugh.

I ended up getting dinner with Deborah that night at a restaurant called “Java.” We talked for a while about the situation in Europe and the differences between being a Jew in America and in Europe. It was really interesting, and we had a really nice time.

Day 128: Tuesday, 1/13/2015

tumblr_inline_nideniXp7O1qzafdrAnother working day from home today, but this time because my boss wasn’t going to be in again. I once again finished all of my work really quickly and was able to relax a bit. Natalie and I headed to a sushi restaurant by me called “Fu Sushi.” It was great! They still had a business lunch special going on when we got there, so we got a ton of food for not such a big price. Always great.

What was not great, however, was the service. It took, no joke, a half hour to get a water refill! So ridiculous!

Day 129: Wednesday, 1/14/2015

Today I actually went to the office. I had a really productive day at work working on our new website. Details will be published later!

My friend Amy just moved into a new apartment, so I went over to check it out. It was AMAZING! It absolutely puts my apartment to shame (keeping in mind that my apartment was named the nicest one of the program). We had a bit of a housewarming party, watching Netflix, drinking wine, and baking brownies! It was so much fun! I ended up staying pretty late and had to take a taxi back to my place. But definitely worth it!

Day 130: Thursday, 1/15/2015

Once again, a working from home day. Gotta love those. After completing my work, I headed to Azrieli mall (a big mall with amazing stores) to meet Natalie for dinner and shopping! I ended up buying a scarf/hat combo for just 40 shekels ($10) and a really cute sweater for 99 ($30-ish). Hopefully they will keep me cozy in Europe!

After our shopping adventure, we decided to get drinks, because it is the weekend and that needs to be celebrated! We headed to “Porter & Sons,” a British bar with lots of beer on draught. Great for me…? Haha. I once again got a pear cider. Natalie enjoyed her beer though!

We got pretty hungry again, as we ate really early, and this bar didn’t have the quintessential bar food we were looking for. We left in search of something to tide us over, and right next door was “Mike’s Place,” an American bar! We ordered a plate of nachos and they had a live blues band playing. It was perfect! We ended our night much earlier than my previous night, with happy stomachs and good stories.

Okay, well that was the week leading up to my parents! Although a lack of photos, it was really fun! I’m excited to see what the week with my parents has in store!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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