Days 121-125: Stormageddon

A huge storm has been raging throughout Israel, and no one knows how to deal with it. It’s pretty entertaining, although inconvenient. Israelis don’t know how to do weather. And I know what you’re thinking: I’m from L.A., I don’t know weather either. But believe me, I know way better than all of these Israelis, wearing giant puffy coats when it’s 60 degrees out. So give me a little credit. Alright, let’s begin.

Day 121: Tuesday, 1/6/2015

I spent the day at work pretending to be a graphic designer by designing something for the company. It was kind of fun, although my skills and the programs I have on my computer are both limited. I did the best I could, and I think my boss was pretty happy.

The storm was just starting as I waited for the bus. But not a rainstorm yet, just a dust storm. It was insane. Luckily, my bus, which is usually 20+ minutes late, was only 7 minutes late today. Hurray! We were supposed to have another enrichment, but due to the storm, it had been postponed! Double yes! All of us rejoiced.

After warming up at home for a bit, I went to grab dinner at “Mexicana” with Natalie. They were having happy hour, meaning all you could drink margaritas for the price of just one. I didn’t go too crazy, just had one extra, and I had a delicious burrito! One of the things I’ve found I really miss from home is Chipotle. A big burrito bowl, along with sushi of course, will be eaten on my first day back in LA. I’m fairly certain of this. My parents have already been informed. Chipotle for lunch, sushi for dinner. I believe reservations have been made at Little Izaka-ya. Just kidding 😉

Natalie and I had a great time catching up and hanging out for a few hours. I wish she lived closer so we could easily pop over to each others’ houses. We ended the evening with a walk over to Kikar Dizengoff (Dizengoff Square) and parted ways.

I came home to the apartment in a panic. Our washing machine had broken with clothes and water still inside. Yael and Lilah had to grab buckets to place below the washing machine to catch the water. It was madness. I’m just fortunate that I did load of essentials a few days earlier. What a mess… And the program won’t fix it, because not all of the apartments have a washing machine (the same thing happened 4 months ago with our dishwasher). Great… Guess I’ll be bringing my laundry back over to Deborah’s at some point… The craziness died down and we went to sleep.

Day 122: Wednesday, 1/7/2015

I woke up for work and heard pouring rain and crackling thunder. I stayed tucked in my bed before having to face the reality that I needed to go to work. However, at about 9:15 (I was still in bed at that point), my boss texted me to work from home because the weather was so bad. Hallelujah! I definitely think I can manage working in bed in my pajamas on a stormy day. Thanks! I did spend the day in pajamas and ordered takeout. It was a great life choice.

Day 123: Thursday, 1/8/2015

Happy Birthday to my amazing daddy! I made sure to call him when I knew he’d be up later in the day over here 🙂

My boss told me to work from home again today, and I happily obliged. It was wonderful. Later that day, Amy came over and we headed to a popular restaurant nearby that I hadn’t been to yet: “Benedict.” Slightly indicative from the name, they have mostly breakfast foods and are known for their Eggs Benedict. Not normally a fan of the dish, because I dislike hollandaise sauce, I decide to try it anyway with the sauce on the side. It was delicious!

tumblr_inline_nhyzotdjxd1qzafdrAfterwards, we headed back to my house to bake some cookies. We were going to do traditional chocolate chip, but decided to throw in some candy and Oreos as well. They were actually great, considering we didn’t have any measuring cups.

Afterwards, we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie. It was a really fun evening.

Day 124: Friday, 1/9/2015

The storm continued to rage, and our walls were not having it. The water started to seep through and we had to move our beds away so our things wouldn’t get soaked. Great.

I had another relaxing day at home and ended up baking more cookies later on. They were chocolate chip snickerdoodles, and while they were also delicious, they got completely stuck to the foil. I could only salvage about 9 of them. I had one of the broken ones and the rest went to others who popped by our apartment.

Day 125: Saturday, 1/10/2015

Daniel and I declared today a working day. We headed for a late lunch and job applying session at “Nola,” our favorite. We stayed for hours, catching up and applying to jobs. Very fun and productive on this rainy day.

We then headed back to my house where a few people from the program had gathered. It was nice to see people whom I don’t usually hang out with. We listened to music, danced, and laughed the night away. It was a nice change of pace. We headed off to bed pretty early, ready to start the new week.

Thankfully, the storm has ended! And no rain is due to appear until Friday. I will be sure to keep you posted on exciting matters that occur this week!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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