Days 94-97: More Than Halfway Through

I’m getting to the point in the program where I’m kind of over working for no money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying my internship a lot, and I feel like I’m learning quite a bit. But it’s a bit tiring to get up every day and go to work without any real incentive. I hope you all understand what I mean here. Also, I’m really missing my family and friends back home (aka the only people, I assume, who read my blog). On that cheery note, let’s jump into this post, shall we?

Day 94: Wednesday, 12/10/2014

As I walked to work, a sweet old woman asked me (in Hebrew) for directions to my bus stop. I told her that was where I was heading and we walked together. She asked me if I was French or English, because she could tell I had an accent. I said I was American, and she said that she lived in Santa Barbara for 10 years. I told her I was from Los Angeles and we talked about the differences between life in Israel and in the States for our short walk. Oh, and it was all in Hebrew. Go me.

After work, I was stuck waiting for my bus for a half hour. Luckily, my dad FaceTimed me while he was having breakfast! I’m so happy I live in this century. I was on the bus and able to perfectly see my dad. Gotta love technology!

I went home and relaxed for a bit before meeting Deborah for dinner. We went to the Namal (the Tel Aviv Port) and ate at this cafe called “Cafe Nimrod.” Our waiter was a fun Israeli guy who kept making bad jokes. He was quite entertaining. Then a different waitress came over and I tried to customize one of their salads (aka just add chicken to it) and was met with a curt “no.” I found that extremely odd, to say the least. She ushered over our original waiter who explained to me that their chef is extremely particular and doesn’t mix and match things. I ended up with a different, yet delicious, salad and he added cheese to it for me. He was a sweet guy.

Clockwise from top: vanilla ice cream, mini coffee milkshake, soufflé, and a shaker filled with melted chocolate. Yes, a whole shaker. I did not use the whole thing, I promise. It was chocolatey enough on its own
Clockwise from top: vanilla ice cream, mini coffee milkshake, soufflé, and a shaker filled with melted chocolate. Yes, a whole shaker. I did not use the whole thing, I promise. It was chocolatey enough on its own

We then walked around the Namal and I was actually cold. I add the word “actually” because when we were in Greece, and Natalie was in a coat, I was wearing a T-Shirt and totally fine. In my thin sweater that night, though, I was pretty cold. We stumbled upon the “Max Brenner” at the Namal and stopped in for dessert, obviously. Deborah got their famed chocolate pizza, while I got the chocolate soufflé. It was great.

We took the bus back home and the bus driver was blasting some Taylor Swift music. It was surprising yet fun. I danced along in my sugar-induced excitedness. However, once I got home, I crashed and fell right asleep.

Day 95: Thursday, 12/11/2014

Hallelujah, it’s Thursday! Can HIT become a thing like TGIF? I guess it would only work in Israel. Oh well. These are the things I think about. I had a really nice talk with my boss as I was leaving work. She really is a cool person, and I’m lucky to work for her.

I returned home to do some much needed laundry. 3 loads to be exact. Unfortunately, we don’t have a dryer, so I have to line dry all of my clothing. Something is just so unsatisfying about doing laundry and not holding the warm clothes in your hands when they come out of the dryer…

In the midst of this, Deborah came over and we planned our trip! We will be leaving for Geneva on Friday, February 6th and staying through the weekend. We will then be taking the train to Disneyland in Paris, because I am a total Disney dork, on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, I’ll be going to Versailles while Deborah hangs around Paris, and then Thursday we’ll be heading back to Geneva. I know it’s going to be a very fun week!

Day 96: Friday, 12/12/2014
Here’s a shot of me spray painting some wine bottles
Here’s a shot of me spray painting some wine bottles

Today I met Deborah and Ingrid at the shuk (the market). It gets really crazy at the shuk on Fridays, as everyone wants to get their Shabbat shopping in, but we braced it to get some cheap supplies for our art project: a Hanukkiah made of wine bottles! It’s going to be pretty awesome once we actually finish it, let me tell you!

So much fun! Deborah ended up making us some pasta and feeding us some of the delicious Swiss cheeses she brought back with her from her trip. I was very happy. I came home and relaxed, very well fed from my Shabbat dinner.

Day 97: Saturday, 12/13/2014

tumblr_inline_ngjeqm1Mza1qzafdrI went out to dinner (yes, I’m skipping to dinner because nothing happened before that) with Daniel and Sarah R. There was a cute place around the corner from my place called “Cafe Michal,” and it was really good! We ordered some hot sangria (aka mulled wine) and I got some pasta with mushrooms (very uncharacteristic of me, but it was great).

Afterwards, we walked a bit down the street to grab some amazing gelato! I got cookies and cream and ferrero rocher (I was too excited to take a picture beforehand).

Tomorrow, I head to Jerusalem, so I will keep you posted on that!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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