Days 78-80: Getting in the Fall Mood

A glorious thing happened in this installment. Be prepared. 

Day 78: Monday, 11/24/2014

Back to work today, for the first time in 10 days. Not going to lie, it definitely took me some time to get back in the groove. But I had 2 things to look forward today:

  1. Dinner with Daniel! He didn’t get back from his trip to Berlin until the day before, so he wasn’t on the day trip.

Yes, as I’ve complained many, many times on this blog, the wifi at our apartment had not been working for nearly a month. A WHOLE MONTH. But our program coordinators told us that a technician was coming to fix it today.

I returned home to both of my coordinators sitting in my apartment. The technician returned and worked for about 10 minutes (apparently he had been there previously for about 2 hours) and declared, “Done.” Then just like that, the internet worked. THE INTERNET WORKED. And it has worked ever since. Hallelujah! 😀

tumblr_inline_nfurg9qhOa1qzafdrAfter enjoying my wifi for a few hours, I headed out to dinner with Daniel. There is a cafe/bakery on my walk to work called “NOLA,” and as Daniel is a student at Tulane, we obviously had to check it out. I arrived a little bit earlier than Daniel due to the buses being delayed from the rain, and ordered a steaming mug of hot chocolate. It was great.

tumblr_inline_nfurgsY66J1qzafdrThe food was not super New Orleans-themed, however we both dug into some delicious, homey macaroni and cheese. Definitely hit the spot. We also split two mini pastries: a classic pumpkin pie and a pumpkin pecan cheesecake.

I preferred the cheesecake, but both were really delicious. It was so much fun catching up and hearing about each other’s adventures!

Day 79: Tuesday, 11/25/2014

Happy 25th Anniversary, mom and dad! I was so glad to finally be able to talk to my parents with no fear of a bad connection! And that’s about all I have to report about Tuesday. It poured rain. Like seriously poured. Yay rain boots.

Day 80: Wednesday, 11/26/2014

So the rain was super depressing. Yeah…

I’m great at peeling potatoes
I’m great at peeling potatoes

That evening, I headed to Deborah’s house to begin cooking for Thanksgiving! Natalie had all of the groceries and we started to cook up a storm. I was mainly the sous chef in the kitchen, because I’m sure most of you know that my cooking skills are pretty limited.

I did contribute one thing that was my own: my mom’s pecan-crusted sweet potatoes. My favorite Thanksgiving food, I couldn’t imagine not having it this year, so I attempted to make it. I did have to make it parve (meaning without dairy, for those uninitiated), so it looked a little bit different than normal. I will tell you how it tasted in the next installment, because that’s when I actually fully tasted it. But here’s how it looked!tumblr_inline_nfus63ZlYv1qzafdr

I was thoroughly impressed with myself.

After finishing cooking for the evening, Natalie and I decided to go out for an evening stroll. By evening, I mean 1am. We returned back to Deborah’s apartment with snacks and watched TV shows until about 3am. A really great life decision.

That’s all for this post! Let me know if you want to schedule a time to talk with me now that I’m actually able to! Wifi: a basic human necessity in this day and age.

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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