Days 75-77: Reunions and Northern Adventures

After Athens, I feel like the rest of my blog posts will be fairly non-descriptive in comparison. Nevertheless, I will try to entertain you as much as I can. I will also try to keep posts to a 4-day maximum. Otherwise it can get a bit tedious. I’m assuming you all agree. Alright, let’s continue. I last left you in my sleepy state after returning home from Athens.

Day 75: Friday, 11/21/2014

Sleepy state continued today. Nothing to report.

Day 76: Saturday, 11/22/2014
Don’t worry, that bottle was shared between many people, myself excluded. Me, Starr, Garrett, and Karen
Don’t worry, that bottle was shared between many people, myself excluded. Me, Starr, Garrett, and Karen

The day was uneventful, just a few errands (well, what I was able to do on Shabbat). That night, there was to be a celebration for Garrett’s, one of the participants, birthdays! There was a pregame at his apartment, which I attended, and then a bar crawl afterwards, which I opted out of. We had to be up super early the next day for a day trip, so I was not super keen on being hungover/not functional. I of course went and celebrated though!

I left at around 11:45pm, enough time to catch one of the last buses home.

Day 77: Sunday, 11/23/2014

Time for a day trip! Where to this time? The North, once again. This time, we were told we were going more to the Carmel region and to Haifa. Our first stop was Caesaria National Park. We arrived and it was pouring rain. Yay… This was especially great since the majority of the the park was sandy. Oh, and it bordered the sea, so there were massive waves that came up and nearly engulfed all of us. Luckily I had my trusty 5 Euro umbrella I bought at the Acropolis to keep me somewhat covered. Oh but wait, it inverted on itself at least 4 times. This was turning out to be a fun day, now wasn’t it?

For me to say that I remembered the significance of either of these photos would be a lie. The one on the right is the amphitheater, I know that. Otherwise, I’m drawing a blank. So sorry.

After far too long out in the cold rain, we got back on the bus and headed to our next stop, the Rothschild Gardens. Thankfully, it had stopped raining, and it was actually really pretty!

After we wandered around the gardens for like 20 minutes, it was once again time to get back on the bus, but this time for a glorious reason: lunch.

We stopped in a Druze village for lunch. Druze is a minority religion in Israel, and it originally broke off from Islam. The Israeli Druze are extremely dedicated to Israel and are required to serve in the Israeli army, just like the Jews. I had been to this village that they have near Haifa before, most recently in March with the JNF, so I honestly didn’t feel like exploring the actual shops and thought just getting food would be an excellent decision.

Erin, Tanya, and I found this restaurant that was having a really good special, so we sat and enjoyed our traditional Middle Eastern meal of salads, pita, hummus, and chicken. I realized I hadn’t had a typical Israeli meal in a really long time, and it was really nice to have a reminder of how good Israeli food is. After lunch, we headed down the street to this place that is famous for a dish called “knaffe.” Basically, knaffe is like baklava, but with noodles and filled with sweet cheese. Deliciousness at its finest. Sorry, no photos this time. I gobbled it up pretty quickly.

Next stop was the Bahai Gardens. I saw the gardens from up above back in March as well, but I’ve only ever been inside the temple with my family 6 and ½ years ago. We were supposed to go inside the temple itself, and I was very excited to see it! However, the entrance was locked due it it being too slippery. Great… So we only got to take awkwardly-angled photos of the gardens. Here’s the best photo I got:

For some reason we stood outside for like 45 minutes doing nothing. Then it was FINALLY time to head home. While in theory, this trip should have been a lot of fun, it was rather poorly executed. Hopefully they’ll get it together for our next trip, which is in a few weeks.

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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