Days 63-67: Just An Average Work Week

Okay, so bear with me. I know I’m fitting in a lot of days here, but I’m going to GREECE ON FRIDAY, so I wanted to be completely caught up before I left and have an unknown wifi connection. I mean, I have no wifi in the apartment right now anyway (yes, still. It’s ridiculous).

Also to ease your minds, I’m sure you’ve been reading things in the news but just so you know, I’m very safe over here. Don’t you worry about me 🙂

Day 63: Sunday, 11/9/2014

For some reason I woke up with a really bad headache, so I stayed home today and slept. It was lovely. Guess I did a little too much the previous week and wore myself out. Oh well. Yay nap time.

Day 64: Monday, 11/10/2014

As my head was all better, I went to work today. Please be sure you’re all keeping up with my company posts! I post EVERYTHING that’s in English! And most of the blog posts are my own work! Here are the links again:

  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

Okay, shameless plug done. That night, I went and slept over at Deborah’s again! We were thinking of making it a weekly thing, and I obviously have no objections to this. She made some delicious squash soup, and I brought bread and cheese. Hey, I can’t really cook, but I’m still going to provide delicious treats when I can! And you can’t go wrong with a baguette and some French brie, now can you?

I also brought a myriad of laundry to Deborah’s place. It was a lot to carry, but now ALL of my laundry is clean. Having only one tiny washing machine and no dryer to share between 4 people in my apartment is a pain. We ate, watched a movie (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was on TV. I love Hebrew subtitles with transliterations. They’re hilarious) and fell asleep. Oh, and she had wifi, so extra bonus!

Day 65: Tuesday, 11/11/2014

I woke up after sleeping on the glorious double bed and headed to work. My coworker Stuart was finally back after a week and a half out with the shingles. I was very happy he steered clear of the office, as I have never had the chicken pox and the shingles sound extremely painful.

After work, I headed back to Deborah’s to grab my suitcase full of laundry (yes, a suitcase. Sound familiar, mom and dad?) and headed home for a short while before going to our weekly enrichment. I was under the impression that we would be having a talk with the CEO of Destination Israel. I get there, only to find out that he was out of the country, and they were going to show us a movie. Ugh. But wait! The movie wasn’t working. Of course it wasn’t. So basically I went to the other side of the city for absolutely no reason. If I haven’t mentioned already the issues I have with the way the program is being run, don’t even get me started. I would do a much better job at running the program, believe me. Natalie and I are planning a not-so-secret takeover. Be prepared.

Speaking of Natalie, one good thing did come of our waste of an evening: we’d made reservation at a Vietnamese restaurant called “Hanoi” near the meeting place. I went with Natalie, Daniel, and Amy. No pictures, sorry, but I had some delicious Pad See Yoo. The leftovers are in my fridge, and I’m excited to eat them tonight for dinner. We spent the night complaining about various things and eating good food. On our way home, Natalie and I spontaneously got off the bus 4 stops early and got smoothies and discussed our upcoming trip to Greece! Did you know I was going to Greece? I’m going to Greece 😀 More on that in the next blog post, obviously.

Day 66: Wednesday, 11/12/2014

Today was boring, both work wise and home wise. I did get to talk one-on-one with one of the co-founders of the company and ask him about an article I was editing that he wrote. That was kind of cool? I guess? After work, I just came home and stayed in bed. It was lovely. I ended up getting a lot of sleep.

Day 67: Thursday, 11/13/2014

I actually had a crazy day at work today. As I’m going to be gone all next week, I needed to prep everything for my boss to post while I’m gone. So I basically did 6 days worth of work in 1. And I did it with flying colors. Go me! To reward myself on my way home, I bought a bureka. A bureka is a delicious flaky pastry usually filled with cheese or potato. This one was whole wheat and had spinach and feta in it, perfectly getting me in the mood for my trip to Greece!

I went home, packed everything up, and Natalie’s boyfriend, Snir, picked me up and drove me to their place. Natalie lives in Hod HaSharon, which is actually where I spent my semester in high school! I look forward to coming back again to visit Natalie and also see my old school again!

I’m now getting ready for bed, as I leave for Greece tomorrow!!!! Our flight is at 6am, so I need to get some sleep. I’ll check in with you guys when I’m back!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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