Days 59-62: Social Exploration

Okay, this lack of wifi thing is getting utterly ridiculous. I haven’t had consistent wifi for about 3 weeks now. Come on, Israel. Do better. So that’s why my posting schedule has been abysmal. I’m so very sorry. Anyway, here you go. 

Day 59: Wednesday, 11/5/2014
Our fancy spread
Our fancy spread

After work, my friend Erin invited Natalie and I over to her house for a girls night! Clearly I love girls nights. I was in charge of bringing cheese and bread. I delivered handsomely with 2 different kinds of brie cheese from a fancy cheese shop that I pass by every day on my way to and from work. It was so worth it.

Look at us being classy ladies. It was nice to get out of Tel Aviv (Erin lives near my work with her fiancee) and have a bonding night.

Day 60: Thursday, 11/6/2014

Today was actually super eventful. I went to work and made a new friend, Foofie. Say hi to Foofie! She is a tiny maltese with the perfect name to match her look and personality. tumblr_inline_nevg8pxrmK1qzafdr

After work, Erin and her fiancee Tal invited me to join them for sushi. Obviously I had to say yes, because sushi. Yes, that’s a reason. We went to this place called “Onami,” and it was pretty reasonable (well, it was with the lunch special – dad, I know you love those!), and very delicious! Definitely got my sushi fix in.

After sushi, Deborah told me she was going to this ladies night event hosted by a woman from Scotland who made aliyah (moved to Israel) 5 years prior. It was just around the corner from my house, so I obviously chose to attend!

Enjoying our sangria! L to R: Lea, me, Lindsey, and Deborah
Enjoying our sangria! L to R: Lea, me, Lindsey, and Deborah

There were 4 of us: Deborah, Lindsey, Lea, and I. It was delightful! I got to meet some really nice women from around the world who all chose to move to Israel. Plus, I had some of the most yummy sangria ever!

The four of us then decided to go back to the club I went to for Halloween, “Magdalena.” None of them had attended the party, so they were eager to check out the club. It was much less packed than on Halloween, which was their grand opening.

L to R: Lindsey, Natti, Oliver, Deborah, Lea, me, Daniel, and Lilah. I don’t know the girl on the far right.
L to R: Lindsey, Natti, Oliver, Deborah, Lea, me, Daniel, and Lilah. I don’t know the girl on the far right.

I didn’t stay at Magdalena for very long, as it was a little boring. I’ve found I really need to be in the right mood (and intoxication level) to fully enjoy a club. I was not there that night, but overall I had a great day.

Day 61: Friday, 11/7/2014

Unfortunately, Yael had accidentally set an alarm, which woke me up much earlier than I would’ve like to wake up, and I was unable to fall back asleep. A few hours after (I laid in bed until that point), Daniel texted me asking if I wanted to join him at the food fair at Dizengoff Center. I sprung out of bed and joined him. We had some delicious food! While there was mostly quintessential Israeli food, we chose to branch out a bit and get creative. We tried some Dim Sum, a risky choice that actually paid off, as well as some Jachnoon and Laffa (both Arab dishes). Jachnoon is a semi-sweet dough that is rolled up and served with tomatoes. Incredibly delicious. Laffa is a thin pita-like dough, and it is filled with hummus, tahina, babaganoush, tabouleh, and zataar. We were in heaven!

I also had a yummy fruit smoothie from a place called “Re:bar.” It’s somewhat like Jamba Juice/Robek’s, but they have way more mix-ins. Really great.

That night, there was a potluck Shabbat dinner at one of the apartments. A large portion of our group showed up with all different kinds of food. I sadly didn’t get a picture, because there were lot of people crowding around and I wanted to get food. We had a really great time. I then went and watched a “Let’s Be Cops” with a friend. Pretty funny, especially if you watch the show “New Girl.”

Day 62: Saturday, 11/8/2014

So if you weren’t able to tell from my past posts, I have been extremely busy. I hadn’t really spent a day in my house for a week. I felt I deserved a TV day. So, before my wifi cut out, I caught up on a lot of my shows. I was having a bit of a weird day (long story, not interesting for me to write about. Don’t worry though, I’m perfectly fine!), so Deborah suggested we go out for pizza. Yael’s cousin said that a friend of his owned a pizza place a few blocks from my house, and he is actually from Italy, so we knew we had to try it. It was delicious and seemed pretty authentic! Loving my food adventures over here, they’re awesome. After that, we walked to “Cookeez,” the cookie ice cream sandwich place. It was a hefty walk, so I think we walked off many of our calories that evening.

I’m really figuring out who my true friends are here, and they are amazing. I have been so lucky here, with my friends and job. Seriously, I think I have made the most amazing decision of my life coming here, and I hope that my posts have been showing that. Of course, I’m not divulging every one of my secrets to you all, but you’re definitely getting a large chunk. I will try to post these more promptly from now on!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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