Days 49-51: I’m Worn Out

So I was probably overdue for getting sick (not a stomach virus sick, but actually getting sick). I have a cold. Meh. Here we go. Also, the reason for this post being very late is because my apartment has no wifi at the moment. Oh, Israel…

Day 49: Sunday, 10/26/2014

Nothing out of the ordinary today. Oh wait, yes there was. I got to write my own blog post for the company! Not just edit it (even though by the time I finish editing most blog posts, they are basically my own writing), but actually write it! Guys, THIS IS A BIG DEAL! I’m really getting the hang of this social media work. I’m a happy camper at Debate. When people ask me how my internship is going, I always get a smile on my face, which is way more than I can say for some of my other friends, unfortunately. But seriously, I’m so happy.

What I wasn’t so happy about was my sudden massive headache. I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in my room with the lights off. Boo.

Day 50: Monday, 10/27/2014

Before I start off, I can’t believe I’ve been here for 50 days. I feel like this program is really going to go by super quickly. Darn. Anyway, today was much worse than yesterday. I felt horrible and ended up leaving early (well, like 30 minutes earlier than I usually leave). I once again just headed home and straight to bed. I was no fun for my roommates. Sorry, guys. I didn’t want to infect you…

Day 51: Tuesday, 10/28/2014

tumblr_inline_negrh2L1vp1qzafdrAnother good day at work, despite not feeling super well. Don’t feel like going super into detail about it. At night, however, it was time for a tour of Jaffa. Because apparently I haven’t visited Jaffa enough with Ulpan…? We had 2 options: either go at 6pm with the October group or at 7:30 with our normal group. I opted for the 6pm tour, because I wanted to finish earlier, and I also like hanging out with new people. It was a really cool tour, and we got to see the gorgeous Tel Aviv waterline at night.

After the tour, 5 people from my group and 6 people from the October group got dinner and drinks together and had a really awesome time getting to know each other. I really hope we have more activities with them!

Alright, get ready for more catch-up posts!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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