Days 45-48: The End of a Full Week

Well once again my title is allowing me to not go into a fully detailed introduction. Hope that’s okay with all of you. Well, it’s not like you really get a say, now is it? Even still, I hope you enjoy.

Day 45: Wednesday, 10/22/2014

Today was a less-than-stellar day. I woke up feeling horrible. I don’t think the delicious meal I had the night before was of great help to my stomach problems. I knew that if I went into the office, I would not be of much use. Fortunately, my amazing boss Adi allowed me to work from home. She was so understanding. So I worked from home, hoping to be well-rested enough to go into work the next day.

Day 46: Thursday, 10/23/2014

Luckily my day working in bed was pretty helpful, and I was able to go in today. However, today was another not so great day, unfortunately. I spent nearly my entire day working on a project, only to have it not work with the website. It was terrible. Adi had me give up and just head home after a while. It was such a bummer.

That night, I met up with my friend Natalie and got dinner at my fave restaurant, “The Streets.” We then had a welcome party for the new group that was arriving. Remember when I wrote about a mandatory party on my first week here? Well the new session of interns has finally arrived, and it was time for their mandatory party (it was optional for us this time). There are 25 new program participants, all of whom are doing the same thing I’m doing, but their program runs from mid-October to mid-March. I was able to mingle with quite a few of the new group. I actually met two people from Sherman Oaks! Literally, they live 5 minutes away from me and we have friends in common. It was insane. I love playing Jewish geography. Best game ever.

Natalie’s first French Milkshake, a moment she’ll never forget. It was just as delicious as the first one I had
Natalie’s first French Milkshake, a moment she’ll never forget. It was just as delicious as the first one I had

As I wasn’t up for going out to a club or bar after the party, Natalie and I decided we’d go to “Max Brenner” for dessert. It was 11pm on a Thursday, so why not? We shared the delicious milkshake I got last time and we also shared half of a chocolate pizza, a Max Brenner staple. It was more than enough. My stomach also was not very happy with me. I guess I was not fully better. But we got to snap a cute picture!

Day 47: Friday, 10/24/2014

Ahh the weekend, the best days. Well, except that here, everything closes for 24 hours. Still haven’t gotten used to that, to be honest. Don’t think I ever will, either. Anyway, I got a text from Daniel the night before saying that we should bake something today. Obivously, I thought this was a great idea. We decided on a simple chocolate cake, which we would then bring to his grandparents’ house for Shabbat dinner. We hit up like 3 stores before finding one that was still open at 5pm.

It was quite the adventure. Daniel’s apartment is not equipped with an oven (something he failed to mention before I came over to his apartment), so we had to use a toaster over. There was also not a whisk to properly mix ingredients. We also ended up putting too much batter in, and well….here was the abysmal result:


However, the silver lining was that we got to bring it to his family’s house. Daniel’s family was so welcoming to me, and the food was amazing! Can’t remember the last time I had a good Shabbat meal like that. His grandmother said I was always welcome to come over, which was the sweetest thing ever. Daniel is so lucky to have family right in Tel Aviv that he’s able to see all the time. Really made me miss my family…

After eating more than our fills (including our lava cake, which wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever eaten), we headed back to my house where a mini party was happening. Of course it was; my apartment is a bit of a hotspot among the group. I talked to the group, and also a few new faces that friends had brought, and ended up going to bed pretty late due to talking with my roommates late into the night.

Day 48: Saturday, 10/25/2014

Today was another relaxing day. All the roommates stayed home today, so we bonded a bit. I also got to catch up on a few TV shows, as well as having some Skype calls with my parents and friends. Overall, a relaxing day.

Sadly, I woke up with a sore throat and a bit of a runny nose, and just as my stomach was recovering. I seriously can’t catch a break! I guess I’ll be having yet another week of taking it easy. Ugh. Will keep you all updated!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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