Days 33-35: Different Sides of Tel Aviv

Another weekend (plus Sunday) of fun and new things! I’m getting very bad at these introductions. Just read on.

Day 33: Friday, 10/10/2014

After the night before, I needed to sleep in. It was nice to relax. I didn’t do much throughout the day, but people were just constantly over. We had a bit of a vegging out and watched a movie with junk food, I cooked some dinner, and talked with some people. Nothing super important to report, but a nice, relaxing day.

Day 34: Saturday, 10/11/2014

So I actually have more to report on for today! I was really craving some pizza, so Deborah and I decided to grab some Italian food at a restaurant called “Gusto” near Rabin Square. The food was pretty good, but I actually really enjoyed the walk to get there. It was a beautiful day, sunny but with a nice breeze, and we walked down Ibn Gavirol, a major street in Tel Aviv. The restaurant was about a 40-minute walk from my house, so I definitely got in some good exercise before and after my food.

After we ate, however, Deborah told me about this flea market-type place called “T-Market” where she was meeting another girl on our program, Lea. As I had nothing else to do on this lovely day, I decided to go. It was crazy! So many stores brought their products to showcase and sell. View below:

I didn’t end up buying anything (Deborah did!), but it was a really cool experience. Probably won’t be doing it again, as I felt slightly claustrophobic, but hey, I’m in Tel Aviv, and I’m all about trying the new things. I had another relaxing night and went to bed early(ish) before bed.

Day 35: Sunday, 10/12/2014

Today was a full day at work, for the first time ever! 10am-5pm, with a short lunch break. But aside from the hours, I actually had the chance to post something on the website, and then promote it on social media! Check out my company, Debate:, also on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Yes, shameless plug. Get over it. It’s an amazing company, okay! And I’m super excited about it, so I’ll be posting a lot about it.

Directly after work, I headed straight to our Sukkot enrichment, which was a trip to Bnei Brak, a very religious neighborhood just outside of Tel Aviv. I stepped off the bus and it was like I was in a whole new city, not just a mere 15 minute bus ride from my work. We all had to dress “conservatively,” so naturally I wore black pants and a sweater over my shirt. But I did come directly from work, so that would’ve been what I would say if anyone gave me an issue. No one did.

We basically just walked around for almost 3 hours, talking about Sukkot and ultra-orthodoxy in Judaism. But it was super difficult to understand our guide, and we were all super hangry (hungry+angry), so I don’t remember a ton of what was talked about. The view was gorgeous though. Best part of the evening.tumblr_inline_ndgej2hUbI1qzafdr

It took us forever to get home and once we were there, we stayed put, in order to properly prepare ourselves for our REAL last days of Ulpan!

Ulpan tales to come in the next blog post. Laila tov, chaverim! (Good night, my friends!)

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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