Days 30-32: Hardly Working

How do I really introduce these next few days? Not sure. Well that was a great introduction. Here you go…

Day 30: Tuesday, 10/7/2014

Today was actually a work day. What? Working? What’s that? Honestly, I feel like we should’ve started these internships sooner, because these Jewish holidays are getting to be ridiculous. I once again had a productive day at work, editing blogs and comments from one of the employees. Other than that, there wasn’t too much to report. It wasn’t really an eventful day, to be honest. I came home from work and got drinks with a friend later that evening. No pictures. Sorry.

Day 31: Wednesday, 10/8/2014
Here we are in our mud-faced glory. Don’t we look pretty? Especially me with me “I don’t know what face to make here” face
Here we are in our mud-faced glory. Don’t we look pretty? Especially me with me “I don’t know what face to make here” face

I woke up kind of late today, because guess what? No work today. Happy Sukkot! I had a pretty lazy afternoon. Yael, Morgan and I did some mud masks on our faces.

Then Yael invited us to her cousins’ house for Sukkot dinner. However, since they live in an apartment, there wasn’t an actual Sukkah to sit in, but dinner was delicious! Meatballs, shepherd’s pie, rice, salad. View the spread below.

I went with Yael (obviously), my other roommates Lilah and Morgan, and our friends Starr and Brittney. Yael’s two cousins had a bunch of friends over, so we all had a great time eating and getting to know each other.

We got home at about 1am and went straight to bed.

Day 32: Thursday, 10/9/2014

Another day of no work, and no public transportation until that evening. So what is there to do? Well first, Yael and Morgan made a massive breakfast (well, more like brunch, as it was 12:30) of rice, beans, eggs, and toast. My tummy was very happy. And then I did something I surprisingly hadn’t done in 2 weeks: go to the beach! We headed to Gordon Beach, as per usual, along with a large group of people. It was a beautiful afternoon. My roommates, Yael’s cousin Daniel, and I went to get a late lunch at this delicious restaurant called “The Streets” after we were done at the beach.

Since it was officially the weekend, it was obviously time to party, right? Pretty much the whole gang got together at Deborah’s house. Things got a bit crazy. I will spare you the details, but I actually ended up injuring myself. I’m alive, but have some lovely battle scars. But here’s a cute photo for good measure!

Starr, Mason, and me
Starr, Mason, and me

I ended up going to some random club on Rothschild Blvd. until about 3am, and took a taxi home alone. I think I was probably ripped off, but was too tired to argue. I paid my overpriced tab and crawled into bed. A semi-successful evening.

Sorry I’ve been late with these posts. Next few days will be coming soon!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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