Days 24 & 25: I’m a Big Kid Now

It finally happened…I started my internship! And it’s awesome. Read on to find out more 🙂

Day 24: Wednesday, 10/1/2014

Well, today was the day. The day that I’ve basically been waiting for since March when I signed up for this program: the day I start my internship! I will remind you all once again what I’ll be doing. I’m working for a company called “Debate,” which specializes in interpersonal communication. Yes, I know the name is horribly unfitting. I, personally, will be doing the social media for the company, and editing everything that was translated by their translator into normal, American, readable English. Go me.

As I work in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv, I needed to plan my time out accordingly. I left my house at 9:20am, walked about 15 minutes to the bus, and then sat on the bus for another 15 minutes. I arrived a little before 10am, eager to begin working.

My “First Day of Work” Selfie. Everyone in our group took one too!
My “First Day of Work” Selfie. Everyone in our group took one too!

Of course, it’s only the first day, so how much could I possibly be tasked with doing? My boss’ name is Adi, and she is super cool and easy to work with. There is also another intern working there, named Stuart, who is doing a different Masa program called “Career Israel.” His program is virtually the same as mine, except there are over 100 participants and they all live in a dorm-like building. Can’t even imagine. (As I’m typing this out, I feel like I have already talked about this program. If I have, I apologize.) Stuart is from London and he has a great sense of humor. I know we will get along well.

A notebook, which says “Debate Company” in Hebrew, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates from my boss!
A notebook, which says “Debate Company” in Hebrew, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates from my boss!

So what was my task for the day? Surfing the internet. I guess that’s what I get when I work in social media. Adi told me to look at the web pages of some people in HR who have a lot of followers. Many of the people who use Debate’s resources are in HR or are Entrepreneurs, so this made sense. I looked at about 20 different people before Adi said it was time to go…at 3:30pm. Not too bad. She gave me a lovely welcome gift too! I took the bus home and my roommates and I all recounted our first days (except for Yael, who told us about her interviews).

About a week or so ago, my friend Deborah posted on our Facebook group that there was going to be a Monty Python movie playing at a park near my apartment, and it was happening tonight. The movie was free, and there was free wine as well! What could be better? I gathered up a towel to sit on and a jacket, as well as some pita chips and hummus, and headed over with Lilah and Starr. We met up with the Sarahs and Daniel (from Berlin. There are 3 Daniels on our program, so it can get a little difficult to differentiate who I’m talking about. Sorry about that!).

The movie playing was “The Meaning of Life,” a film I hadn’t seen before and am really glad I’ve seen now! So hilarious, and definitely right up my alley. Lilah is a huge fan and was singing the songs right next me the whole time. It was an amazing experience, and a fun way to spend the night in Tel Aviv.

Day 25: Thursday, 10/2/2014

Day 2 of work was a bit more eventful than Day 1. I once again arrived a little before 10, so I think I’ve gotten the routine down. Although, I did have to run to catch my bus and dropped my phone. Thank goodness for that LifeProof case I have! (Thanks, mom!). I started my day by listening to the opener of a podcast that one of the company’s founders is doing. The topic: stage fright, a concept I am oh too familiar with. Why do you think I prefer to write down my thoughts than perform in front of others? I only listened to the opener, but it was a very interesting topic. Adi said she had just heard his talks too many times and wanted someone new to take a listen and give feedback. I was happy to oblige.

I then moved on to watching some of the videos that the company has produced. I watched a series of videos on how to keep your audience entertained and engaged for as long as possible. Yet another interesting topic! Maybe not super relevant to me, but important nonetheless. But then, the best thing happened: it was time for me to put my skills to good use! Adi asked me to edit their blog posts! As a former writing center tutor AND copy editor for Symposium, Cal Poly’s science journal, it was my moment to shine.

My job was to make the articles sound like they were written by a native English speaker, a task I feel qualified to take on. Apparently, they are now working with a new translator, who is much better than their old one. I can’t even imagine how bad their old translator must have been if their new one writes this way. It’s AWFUL. Seriously awful. I used the “track changes” function so that Adi could see what I changed. Pretty much the entire thing was in red from my changes. But hey, it was fun and it was what I asked to do, so I’m definitely not complaining! I left work at 3pm. Liking these short work days! (I’m required to do 25-35 hours a week, so I’m fine, don’t worry).

That night it was another birthday, a French girl named Lea. We all met up at one of the apartments for a pre-game (for those unfamiliar with that word, I mean we all met up beforehand and drank before going to a club). Because of the company she works for, my roommate Lilah was able to get us a discounted entrance into a cool outdoor club called “Clara.” We had a really fun night! Maybe a little too much fun…

It was another night when I didn’t get home until 5:30am. As you can see from my other blog posts, I do other things than partying. Someone (not naming names) asked if that was all I was doing here. I promise, it’s not. And I’ve started working now, so that’s an excuse to party less for sure. I feel like you all know me pretty well and can trust my judgment, right?

I’m currently sitting at home with a huge emptiness in my stomach. Yay fasting. Hope you all have an easy fast today!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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