Days 12-13: The Day(s) of Rest

So sorry it has taken me so long to catch up on these blogs. I actually wrote the majority of this particular blog post and my browser suddenly closed on me and I lost the whole thing. Struggles of technology. Luckily, I remember my last weekend very vividly, even though not a ton actually happened and there are no pictures… Here you go:

Day 12: Friday, 9/19/2014

After the day I had had, I felt I had well deserved my Sabbath. So what did I do during the day? Absolutely nothing. Yes, you heard right. Well, I wrote my last blog post, and that’s about it. Friday night, however, was a bit more eventful. My friend Sarah said that she wanted to try another service, perhaps a reform one this time. So we did our research and I found this musical service that was close to Dizengoff Center. So Sarah, Morgan, Starr, and I walked to “Kehilat Halev,” which translates into “The Heart Community.”

I feel like I really should have known that with a name like that, I was bound to have an interesting time. The synagogue, if you can even really call it that, was in a gymnasium-like room, with a few streamers hanging around the walls. The service was lead by 2 women, both with guitars. One was young and hippie-like, the other, a lesbian rabbi. The service was all in Hebrew, but it was lovely and the melodies were beautiful, yet unusual.

As we were thanking the rabbi for the service, the 4 of us were invited to a gay couple’s house for Shabbat dinner. Obviously we said yes. Wouldn’t you? The apartment was gorgeous, and the food was amazing. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures. I was a little too caught up in the moment of being in Israel. But we all had a great time and went home very well fed.

When I got home, we invited over some of our friends and drank wine and hung out. It was a grand ole time.

Day 13: Saturday, 9/20/2014

So I don’t have much to report on for Saturday. As you can see by the title of this post, I had a weekend of restfulness, and it was wonderful. Sometimes, taking a break from constantly doing things is exactly what the body needs. Well, it was exactly what my body needed. Yael and I spent the whole day talking and eating, basically. We went out to dinner to this restaurant close by with Starr, and that was our outing for the day.

I will be posting my next 2 blog posts right now, so stay tuned!

-Girl in Israel 🙂

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